Forensic Education

The NFI Academy: Knowledge for a successful forensic chain

Sharing forensic knowledge is one of the main tasks of the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). To this aim the NFI founded the NFI Academy, the customer’s key to the NFI’s knowledge and expertise.

The NFI Academy offers consultancy services, workshops, courses and training programmes at various levels, to a wide range of national and international professionals involved in law enforcement, crime detection and prosecution. Courses and workshops may be ready-made but  also tailor-made to fit your wishes and requirements.

State-of-the-art knowledge of forensic science and the correct use of test results are crucial: not only to the court, but to all the professionals involved in and outside the forensic chain. By sharing our knowledge we contribute to better forensics and a more effective judicial system.

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Key benefits

The NFI Academy’s courses, workshops and training programmes on a broad spectrum of fields of forensic expertise offer a number of important benefits. For example, they:

  • Combine theory and practice
    As one of the world’s foremost forensic laboratories, the NFI delivers tens of thousands of investigations and analyses every year. As a result, the Academy’s courses and professional training advice always combine theory and practice.
  • Cover the latest developments
    Forensic science is a highly dynamic field, and new technologies for detection and prosecution are continually becoming available. The NFI is a pioneer in developing and applying such technologies, and the Academy’s courses therefore naturally take account of them.
  • Range from a broad overview to detailed studies
    The NFI covers some 40 forensic research disciplines – from toxicology and pathology to digital technology and DNA analysis. As a result, some NFI courses may give participants a general view, while others zoom in on a particular topic (see Course offering). It also means that forensic knowledge from various fields can be tailored to meet specific needs.
  • Are taught by experienced practitioners and leading scientists
    The NFI Academy courses, workshops and training programmes are led by NFI professionals, whose daily jobs also include crime scene investigation or advanced research in the NFI’s labs.

Target groups

Target groups include:

  • forensic labs
  • government agencies such as law enforcement, customs, inspectorates, foreign justice authorities, and special investigative services
  • the police
  • first responders such as the fire brigade and ambulance personnel
  • medical doctors
  • the Public Prosecution Service, judges and criminal lawyers
  • (professional) students in forensic science

Training Advisors

The NFI Academy’s Training Advisors (all experienced educationalists) are available to advise potential participants or partner institutions on which programmes, courses or workshops are suitable for particular groups or individuals. During programmes, the Advisers are also on hand to ensure that participants extract maximum benefit from their time at the NFI Academy.

International collaboration

The NFI Academy works closely together with other organisations, coordinating and / or participating in several internationally organised forensic programmes. It also organises and hosts international conferences on a broad range of forensic topics.

General Tems and Conditions

Download here our General Terms and Conditions.

The NFI Academy is the key to the expertise of the Netherlands Forensic Institute.